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Delete an account from this forum?

Do you want to delete your own account?

Yes. I just returned the BeatBuddy and see no reason to be up on the forum. Maybe in the future.
Thank you.

I hope you find your way back in the future! I understand your issues, but I think the BeatBuddy is a good product!

I am sure it is. As a drummer, it was intriguing to find out just how in depth each “drum set” genre went. I can see a future of possible user “banks” of different rolls and rudiments one could cut, copy, and paste as well as manipulate in the manager for an even more realistic “drummers” perspective. However, probably getting into the use of a DAW like Samplitude or Cakewalk. Would be nice to have BeatBuddy in a VSTi version to use in such DAW’s.
Being in the situation I’m in, I returned the BeatBuddy to the store … disappointingly. Must update my PC’s now first. There are many programs / software that does not support XP pro anymore, so why continue to pull one’s hair out? Thanks. See you in the future.

Microsoft itself doesn’t support Windows XP anymore. That’s why the drop in support.
However, I will be able to build a custom version of BBManager that supports Windows XP. So no worries, just ask :slight_smile:

Delete my account. I have no use for it and there is no way for me to delete it myself