"How does it work" - MIDI measures, time signature

Hi, this is less a request for technical support for a problem and more a request for technical support in understanding (out of curiosity). How does the Beat Buddy transfer “beginning of measure” and time signature information to the Pigtronix Infinity? Is it through MIDI Time Code, MIDI SysEx, or something else? Thanks.

The answer may come as a shock, but… in no way.
Both the beginning of measure and time signature are never being transmitted. Only a very very limited subset of MIDI messages is supported by the BeatBuddy currently, namely: Timing Clock (0xF8 or 248), Start (0xFA or 250), Continue (0xFB or 251) and Stop (0xFC or 252).
Please note: in the next firmware version this might change, but I have no information about what is currently being developed for the firmware.

Well that indeed comes as a shock, but only because that obviously can’t be right.

Pigtronix updated their firmware and now it can tell how long a measure is coming from the Beat Buddy. I saw how it worked before, and I see how it works now. As far as the beginning of the measure, I guess it probably just uses the start command for that; when it receives the first start command, it syncs to that. But it also now knows—automatically, based on what song I’m on with the Beat Buddy—how long a measure is, whether it’s 3, 4, 5, 7, etc. beats. This is a big part of the Infinity’s functionality. It didn’t used to do that, now it does. So something is going on. Is a “continue” command send at the beginning of each measure from the Beat Buddy?

Well, most likely I have a really outdated info on this. Sorry for any confusion. The last time I looked at the firmware code was like in April. Things might have already changed.

The firmware update for the Infinity that allowed this was fairly recent (early June I think). But it definitely needs something, new or old, coming from the Beat Buddy for the time signature information.