How Durable is the Beatbuddy MIDI Cable?

I’ve been controlling my BB via the BB MIDI cable from Singular Sound connected to my Line 6 Helix for about 3 1/2 months. We play every weekend so I do a lot of connecting and disconnecting of the cable for the shows and then when I get it home for practice and such.

This week it started failing and it’s definitely in the cable as I can get it to work if I move it in just the right direction. I’ve already ordered replacements but my question is, is this a common point of failure or was I just unlucky with this cable? I’m pretty careful with my cables and I roll them up and use ties to keep them in order when I move them, so it’s not like it gets a lot of abuse. Also, are there any more durable cables that would work in this situation?

Users occasionally report that their Singular Sound MIDI Adapter begins to function intermittently and that they have to replace it. Other users report that after use, the adapter begins to fit loosely in the BeatBuddy (BB) port—which kind of sounds like what you might be experiencing. As careful as we try to be, the constant constant connecting and disconnecting the adapter to the BB pedal may cause loosening of the metal sheath surrounding the adapter pins. You could try asking Support at Singular Sound to replace it under warranty.

If at all possible, it might be more practical to leave the adapter plugged into the pedal and transport it that way in a separate bag or box so it doesn’t incur more wear.

If you are referring to the Singular Sound MIDI Sync Adapter cable, probably not. A few years ago, a user posted details about making an adapter from a PS/2 cable. Don’t know if that post still exists. If you’re referring to the MIDI patch cables that you plug into the adapter, I’d have to defer to other users. I’ve had good luck with Hosa MIDI patch cables.