How install BeadBuddy_all_default_drumsets_updated_1.1

How do I install BeadBuddy_all_default_drumsets_updated_1.1? I’ve unzipped the file to my computer and see that it contains 10 different .DRM files. How do I get these into the BeatBuddy Manager and onto the pedal?


From the BBM menu File > Import > Drumset.

Thanks! Apparently one has to import each drumset one at a time? Is that correct?
Also, what do I do with all the previous drumsets and how do I tell the songs to use the new drumsets?

One drum set at a time.
You can delete the old and duplicate drum sets. You do that by highlighting the drum set you want to delete and from the BBM menu > Drumsets > Delete Drumset.
Check the box for each drum set you want to use.
I didn’t have any problem with the beats using the new drum sets. Some users did, though.

According to Labren, this is what worked for him: “Don’t forget you have to save the project after this change or percussion will go back to the default drum position…“important”!! Once saved then close bb mgr and reopen and all will be fine.”