How many BASS users do we have??????

…just want to know for future use… Poll is open for 7 days.

I use it to stay up to measure on my timing. I like it much more than a click track or a standard drum machine.



I think we should have a “with bass” summit, and design a blueprint for future kits! I gave @Phil a list to start the discussion.

if you have the if…put it up here…I used it as a blueprint for a Standard Pro With Bass.

Not really interested as I pretty much only use the BB in a band setting with two other guys, one of whom plays bass. When I use it at home to practice our songs on my own it might be a nice addition to have a bass line but it’s just not a big deal to me.

I’ve run the course of ‘useful’ bass players in my life,
(re: drunk drummer syndrome.)
.the older we get the more diverse we become .
I’m loving the new tunes out there in resources …
my friends ‘don’t’ want to keep up w the learning curve, :frowning:
… I’m self motivated … (& got the gig, & another guitar player )

I play bass sometimes (filling in for buddies w drums)
the BB helps me lock into my role of K.I.S.S. = keep it simple stupid.
You can turn off the basslines … if wanting just the beat …
but, you may have to practice the tune a few times.
agree w the ‘timing’ comment … some days ya got it … lol

I only play songs with bass and am quickly becoming a fan of the one press versions. Like Phil and others, it’s more important for me to learn how to properly play and sing songs rather than becoming a pedal pusher expert… although I do like the flexibility of extending a good song when everyone is grooving…maybe a simple song structure with minimal pedal press is the optimal compromise?

It’s mostly done, and coming soon! It’s called “autopilot”. Basically you set it up like a regular song, but you specify information that will allow it to play through all the parts without having to touch the pedal. We are still working on the “user intervention” part, i.e. how to repeat a section, etc, on the fly.

beat buddy without bass would be inconceivable for me!!!

Every time I think the Beat Buddy has reached it’s limit, you guys pull another rabbit out of your hat, and at no cost. You’re AMAZING! Thank you so much for making the purchase of a Beat Buddy the best experience ever! Can’t wait for this upgrade!

Thank Aashi and Guitar Stu et al. I’m along for the ride!

Agreed, thanks to all of you, an incredible team effort

I was going to vote ‘not interested’ because I am the bass player in my praise band and don’t want to put myself out of a job. But . . . I would like to have this feature as I may go back to playing solo acoustic music on guitar. BB with bass would be very useful.