How many songs per folder limit

Guys how many songs can I put in a folder?


Thanx Mike for some reason I thought it was 50.Its good to know I can fit 99 in cheers.

But you can put many folders on one SD card. It depends on the size of the SD card.

yeh I got a 16gb card plenty big enough .What i do is have about 40 to 50 songs that I do in the set in a folder and I export import folder and have one folder that uses a ludwig kit the other the pro kit and a what I call 80’s kit folder which I use the Roland 909 kit for which I think is really funky for cafes ,all the same songs just different kits.I also have a seperate folder assigned with all the songs which I can tweek or rework called the experiement folder.

There is also a 99 folder limit per project.

That’s a lot of songs Persist…more than you’ll ever need…9,801…

Yes sah! Probably more than I’ll ever fit on a 4Gb SD card :rolleyes:

Wow.While we’re on the topic Persist.I have a question or 2 it may be a dumb question but I have alot of folders accumilating in my project if I wish to delete them from the BB manager workspace meaning the folders you can access on the pedal will they still be there in your BBW workspace folder as such ,on computer so I can import them again if I want.OR should I just make a new Project and put them in there?
Similar thing with Brum Kits is there a way 2 just have the say 4 kits you use appear on the pedal and not have the rest

Pretty good questions, AnthonyR.

  1. Once you delete the folders and save the project using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), they are removed from the project within your bbworkspace folder. If you were to then synchronize this project to your pedal, they would also be removed from the pedal.
  2. You could export each of the folders, open a new project and import the folders from the old project and then delete them from your old project.
  3. Another option if you want to preserve the folders and contents of Project A would be to BBM > File > Save Project As and give it a new name, say Project B. Project B will now be open in the BBM and you can delete the folders you don’t need. Using this method will preserve all your folders in Project A and will allow you to modify Project B.
  4. If you only want 4 drum sets exported to your pedal, you can open the Drum Sets tab and uncheck the boxes for all but the 4 kits you need; once you save the project and then sync that project to your SD card, that’s what should be available on your pedal.

Some users manage gigs and set lists by project and others by folders; there are probably others that manage by SD card. There’s no right way—only that which works best for you and your situation. That said, which one would I use? Probably the one in para 3—but that’s just my preference.

While we’re on the subject, it would be nice if there were a capability similar to the drum set checkbox for folders within the BBM so that users could click on checkboxes to identify which folders in a project would get synchronized to the SD card.

Thanx for your reply it was great I learned alot cheers