How to change the tempo for part 2 of main loop

Can you show me how to change the tempo of a song in part 2 of the main loop, ie. I need 2 different tempo for the same song.

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Not presently possible with current version.

Apparently there’s a glitch where it’s done unintentionally. :confused: I’ve had my manager work fine since I purchased it 2 years ago. But recently started working on more beats this week and I have the specific bpm set in beat builder, as well as the actual song (under title) in BB manager. However, when I hit for transition, it reverts back to the 120 bpm that seem to be standard for any new track. I notice that the tempo change bar at the top changed to 120 as well but reverts back to correct tempo in the next loop.
Any suggestions would be appreciated bc it’s frustrating as hell lol. And FYI, all my software is up to date. Thanks!!

Such a drag