how to config rc300 to BB?

There appears to be 4 possible settings in the rc300 to midi sync.I’m not sure what to set them at. I’ve tried many combinations but there doesn’t seem to be any communication between the two.
BB doesn’t appear to have any midi settings?
I’m coming midi out of rc300 to midi in on BB.

What you do is the only way to setup an okay MIDI sync between your two devices. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use tempo settings on a BeatBuddy as you assign your RC-300 as MIDI time Master.

Boss RC-300 is known to behave pretty badly when it comes to being a MIDI sync Slave. You can read about it almost anywhere on the internet as well.

So you are saying it can work? Cause I haven’t been able to make it work.I haven’t found specific instructions anywhere as to rc300 settings.
Been checking forums and boss manuals. I have midi out on rc300 to midi in on BB…is this a correct place to start?
Thank you!

I am sorry if I explain myself poorly.

The correct way to MIDI sync a looper with the BeatBuddy is having the opposite MIDI In looper <- MIDI Out of BeatBuddy. Unfortunately, Boss RC-300 is , and doesn’t work in this best-case scenario.

The only way to make Boss RC-300 less is to use what you use - MIDI Out looper -> MIDI In of BeatBuddy. This leaves you unable to use BeatBuddy tempo setting.

I appreciate your time,thank you! I also have a Ditto looper but no midi sync!
would you recommend a looper to use? Love the BB btw…great sounds

i have an RC-300 synced to my BB with no problem. Press the memory edit button on the RC-300 and press the right arrow twice. Make sure midi sync is set to internal and midi out of RC-300 to midi in on BB. True you can’t use the tempo settings on the BB but I just tap a stop button on the RC-300 untill I see the correct tempo or close to it on the BB. Start it and stop it on the RC-300. You can still use the BB pedal for fills and outros.
Note: I set up a 4 bar loop with nothing recorded on the RC-300 to start and stop. You can use this template to tap tempo for your other songs and use the BB optional pedal to scroll through the sounds in your folder. Good Luck!

By the way Beatbuddy, This pedal really does rock! can’t wait to use it on a gig this week!

The looper of my choice is Boomerang III. You can check my video in the signature. No tracks are stored on the looper when video starts.

I bought the rc300 for its storage ability vs boomerang…turns out I don’t store anything! Everythings live at gigs…oh well!

How do I get rid of intro fill ?

I’d get rid of rc-300 :slight_smile:

Sorry for an off-topic, but I know for sure new firmware allows what you ask for. Search it here on the forum, update BeatBuddy (instructions are in the post with the link to the firmware). Then press both Tap Tempo and Drum Set knobs at the same time. An option will be somewhere there in the menu :confused: Actually, there is some more information provided in the topic with the firmware.

P.s.: Firmware topic -

Thanks JRock ! I have had success with my RC-300…I still have some mild disasters but I haven’t seen too many seamless, error free BB demo’s.Also, most BB demos are recorded with a phone or vid cam with tiny condenser mic…doesn’t do the BB justice! BB sounds like a real kit thru my Bose p.a…I recorded an original tune called “Everything’s Better”…gonna post the vid.
One thing still bugging me :
I want to do a tune and loop without the BB…do I have to unplug the sync cable? I’ve tried most poss. parameters in rc-300 but when midi cable is plugged in it acts strangely…loop timing is off.
Thanks again!

I have only just bought a RC 300 and a BB , both latest firmware , but i cant get the RC 300 to work at all , it syncs initially , BB as slave and set up as above txts , but for one i cant use intros on the beat buddy and worse… the RC 300 when i go to play back will drastically change the tempo , i have set all settings in the RC300 tempo , like memory tempo setting and rhythm tempo to 110 BPM but it wont stay at that, and even when they are playing , the display on the BB will fluctuate between 109 and 110.

Could you or somebody please list all the RC 300 parameters , because i must be missing something , I hope BB are making a looper and its not far away , at the moe the only way i can play drums on the looper is to record the whole drum section start to finish as a template to loop over,which sux cause it aint live and means i cant use BB as intended.
Iv read the Boomerang 3 is better , but iv spent $8000 on my rig this month , so dont want to spend more until BB looper comes out , anyone any idea when that may be ?
Iv read every thread on the net trying to get RC 300 to work , Rolland support is Zero , worst iv ever seen , unfortunately i have GT100 , RC300 and GR55 . id not bought any of them had i realised they dont look after their customers at all , i should have returned the RC 300 while i had the chance i have had 4 of them now , i have found bugs with all of them , but nothing better on the market.

Beat Buddy , you have a gapping hole in the market to fill here , no one has made a great looper yet , please be the first , before Boss do it for a start , the BB is great so i have faith in you , especially since your customer service is so great , i have been very impressed so far and had great help.
Thanks in advance for any help i may get

Any luck working with the Beatbuddy and rc-300? I’m trying to set mine up now.

Google Shiv Menon rc300 and beat buddy , and you will see where Shiv and I talking about it and his tips , im Homa Simpson in the thread

I now use Pigtronix infinity looper , I still have RC 300 but only as a back up.

The Boss loopers are generally fine pedals but they don’t play quite as friendly with midi as other companies’ offerings. A couple of options: work through the issues with the Boss or, although it’s outside of the return window, call the dealer that sold you the Boss and ask them if they would take it back in trade for another looper, say the Infinity, the EHX 45000 or the Boomerang. All seem to work better with midi than the Boss pedals. Although you’ve spent a lot on setting up your rig, what’s the value of your time spent on getting it all set up and working?

A word of caution though, some folks have had issues with their Infinity and midi. With the proper setup, it will work. Let us know what you decide to do (and probably more importantly), how you get it all working!

So far it is a nightmare trying to get BB and RC 300 to sync. I have also read every thread on the net I can find, followed the great directions Shiv provides in his 14 min video (it really is good!), but to no avail. The tempo constantly changes and the loops get all messed up. I REALLY wish Roland and BB would have communicated about this when designing their products.

I try to connect a mini jack stereo to the phones of bb and auxiliar input of rc 300 it seems to work as an audio take no ? Anyone tried this too ,