How to copy a song to another folder

is possible to copy songs from a folder to another?
Eg. I want to do a setlist and put together songs from different folders…

Depending on which version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) software you are using, you can drag and drop (as well as reorder) a song between folders from within the application. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to update to the latest BBM version as well as the latest firmware.

Thanks for your Help!!

The only way of copying a song that I am aware of is to export it and then reimport it, either to the same folder or a different folder.

PSalm40 You can drag and drop by browser!

Did shift-drag, or control-drag get implemented to copy a song from folder to folder instead of moving it? I know that was bandied around a bit

I have four different Setlist Folders for 4 different music projects. What I did was this: when I finished getting a song to my liking, I “exported” each song into a Master Song Folder on my Computer Hard Drive. Then when I started building set lists for the projects, I would “import” that song into the Setlist Folder in Beatbuddy Mgr.

The “drag” option works within each Setlist Folder to rearrange the song sequence if needed while tweeting the Setlist.