How to create midi file with Logic Pro X?

Hi everybody,

I’m not an specialist of midi files.
I want just create a midi files with drum ans bass with Logic Pro X and export to my BeatBuddy.

On my Logic X file, I have 3 tracks, stick, drum and bass.
I select the 3 tracks to export to midi file.
I check the son with Realplayer, I have 3 instruments.
But, when I create my song in BeatBuddy Manager and import my file I only one track.
How to have all the tracks?

Many thanks

Try selecting the 3 midi tracks in LPX, join them, and then export to midi. See if that works.

Hih Persist,
I already try this, but I lose the bass track.

Hi Persist,
I already try this, but I lose the bass track.

By “losing the bass track” do you mean it does not play in the BeatBuddy? If you haven’t transposed the bass notes (in the midi track) in LPX, try increasing them (roughly) by 24 semitones, join the tracks and export the midi file.

I’m not exactly lose the track. I’ve not all the notes.
How to increasing by 24 semitones?

Before we get too much further, Satanas, which version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) are you using? If, songs with bass will probably not work–for that, you’ll need one of the beta 1.6.x versions of the BBM. I’m going to assume though, that you are using one of the beta versions.

In LPX (I’m using version 10.2.2 so your steps and view may be slightly different)

  • double-click the midi bass track (upper part of screen shot)
  • in the Piano Roll (bottom portion of screen shot), Select All bass notes (Command A); all of the selected bass notes should change from one color to another (for me, it was Red to Green)
  • Select Edit tab (within Piano Roll view); scroll down to Transpose and choose +12 Semitones (second screen shot) I usually do this two times and test within BBM by right-clicking on the midi section I just imported into BBM (I look for unsupported bass notes to give me an idea of whether I’m close or not)
  • I will then go back to LPX and tweak the bass midi track by transposing up or down (depending on the key you want to play the song in, it will take some twiddling e.g., on one of my songs, I just added 5 semitones to get it in the key of the original song).

There may be smarter and easier ways to transpose or adjust the bass notes in LPX and I hope that some of these LPX users will chime in with their advice.

Several users find that Reaper works just as well, maybe even easier for them.



The BB Manager on my Mac is version.
I can read other songs uploaded where there are bass & Drum.
How to have the beta version?

I have a 10.2.0 version of LPX.

I tried your procedure for the bass. BBM can read the bass file.
After that I joined a both files and export in midi file. And all it’s good!
Thank you very much for your help.
Have a nice day