How to create "with Bass" BB songs on a Mac

Leandro, thanks for making the extra effort to translate. While you wait for Phil Flood’s generous offer to provide a more detailed answer in Spanish, here’s the short answers to your questions:

  • yes, you can use Logic Pro X to prepare MIDI files for use in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM);
  • I’m guessing that you don’t hear the bass notes in the BBM; to hear them, you have to use Logic Pro X to transpose all the notes in the bass MIDI region up 24 semitones (2 octaves); if you’re using one of Phil Flood’s drum sets, you will have to transpose the bass notes down 2 octaves
    • double-click the bass region to open in the Logic Pro X MIDI edit mode—please refer to the screen shots I’ve included
    • press CMD A to select all of the bass notes (See 1)
    • press Shift Option Up-Arrow keys two times to transpose the bass notes up 2 octaves or Shift Option Down-Arrow two times to transpose down 2 octaves (See 2)
  • I’m not sure I understand your last question however, I think you are having trouble exporting to MIDI from Logic Pro X. To do so
    • Click the drums MIDI region Shift Click the bass MIDI region; the 2 regions should be highlighted (See 3)
    • Press CMD J to join the two regions into one region (See 4)
    • Click Hold the single region and choose Export as MIDI file (See 5)
  • Once you’ve done this, make sure in the BBM that you’ve selected an NP drum set with bass
    Ojalá qué esto te ayuda un poquito mientras esperas a la respuesta de Phil Flood :wink:

Thank you all for your help, has clarified many doubts, I can reproduce the Bass and drum made in the Forum, I have now to try to make one … See you soon

if I may ask, where do you place the bass samples in the BB? I guess the MIDI notes created in those upper octaves are then used to access those samples?

There are a couple different mapping systems used. I prefer to put the bass notes at midi 0 through 31, which gives me C1 through G3. Others like to map the bass at 63 through 91, using Eb1 through G3, obviously, song aren’t interchangeable between those two systems. I like bass in the low end because, well, It is bass. And, then I have 60 through 127 open for a keyboard, or keyboard + horns.

Thanks Phil. Keys are no issue for me as that is what I play, along with basslines too…but there are just some songs I do that really need a second chorded/melody part which is where the BB being able to play basslines piqued my interest.

Does one need to create a specific drum kit with bass samples assigned to it? And if so, if I do a search on YouTube will I be able to find some tutorials on doing exactly that? Although I do see there seems to be user kits here that I think have bass samples in them already, (do I have that right?) Or am I misunderstanding them?

To be specific, the samples themselves are embedded into the drum kits, mapped to a midi note. The songs of course contain MIDI snippets that call those samples or “instruments” mapped by midi note.

thanks, so I need to find some bass samples for each of the allocated notes and then create drum kit with these samples included, correct? Does the BB Manager allow me to do this?

BB Manager does, but many of us have done that work for you… the first was @Guitar Stu and his Rock with Bass, but he and many have expanded on that to include other instruments, and different drum kits, and different bass samples. Check out the Resources tab, and the info of each particular “with bass” song to see what kit it prefers.

Just remember: the kit has the samples, and the song says which samples to play.

I see that the Masters chimed in. :slight_smile: I’d have gotten nowhere with building drumkits without the efforts of aashideacon and Guitar Stu.

One thing you might try - in the Resources drum kits section, I posted several sets of samples as “Roll you own” drum kits. Those are sets of wavs containing several basses, keys and drums. The sample are labeled to make it easy to build a kit.

Excellent, thanks guys.

hmmm, the thing I am finding when trying to use some of the drum kits with bass, is that when I try the download the file, they are not available any more? (for example the ones from the link Guitar Stu posted above - thought I’d try Sultans Of Swing, no longer available?) I am still trying though…

Any files posted to the site prior to November 2017 were lost by Singular and not restored.

oky dokes, thanks I’ll avoid those dates then…

I ran out of space on my DropBox and deleted my bb dir… I’ll try to get some of them restored as well.

excellent, that’d be terrific!

If you recover them, but you’re still pressed for space, I’m sure I can store the files on the Singular Sound official Dropbox. Even if you have the space, it may be a good idea to send em my way so I can keep a backup on the official dropbox. We won’t have any space concerns there haha!