HOW to delete GENRES from teh SD card?

I deleted genres from the Manager …but those genres are still on the pedal/SD card. Do I need to delete them off the Card also??

Did you “synchronize project” afterwards? That’s the only way the changes will be transferred to the card…

Bo I didnt , but will try that, Thanx.

NO^ i meant

UPDATE: My computer cant seem to Find the dang SD card! Its right in the front of the computer,yet it cant find it to save my work on, so I cant sync my work. UGH

Are you using a Mac by any chance?

  1. Currently, BBManager isn’t intended to search for an SD card automatically. You need to point it manually.
  2. On a Mac, plugging the whole pedal into the USB is also not supported currently. You need to use a USB adapter. As Mac is clearly designed as a pay-to-win operating system, just consider this as an added cost of using a “more convenient” Mac now. We’ll probably be developing a proper Mac driver for the BeatBuddy in the future, but it is not very high on the priority list. “Free-to-play” Windows already has such a driver built in, so plugging BeatBuddy to the computer USB works there.
  3. If Synchronize is grayed out, use File > Export > Project to Pedal instead of Sync if it is greyed out.