How to find out if I have the latest Default Content on my SD card?

Greetings from New Zealand. A ‘new user’, I have just updated the BB firmware from 3.6.0 to 3.8.0.

Having recently purchased BB, is there an easy way to determine whether the SD card includes the New Default Content v 2.0 (May 1st, 2020)?

Background: I have installed the BB Manager software, Version 1.65. My next steps are to download the Premium Library Content and integrate BB with my new Aeros loop studio. Firstly, however, I would like to ensure that the BB includes the latest default content.


Here’s how to tell. Open your SD card and view the two folders highlighted in the screen shot below. If they have May 1, 2020 dates, you should be good. If you haven’t changed the name of the project on the card, it should be BeatBuddy Default Content 2.1 - Project.bbp
Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 6.37.01 AM

If you are buying the complete premium library content, it includes the latest default content 2.1.

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