How to I transfer my BeatBuddy songs to my BeatBuddy?

I think I am finally getting the hang of how to work with the BeatBuddy. I now want to transfer the songs that I’ve created to my pedal. How do I copy from my computer to the pedal?


If you’ve created songs in Beat Buddy Manager, and you have gone through the process of setting up your BB Workspace on your computer, then it is relatively simple.

  1. with BB manager, Save the Project.
  2. with your SD card connected to your computer, then, from BB manager, Synchronize your project. If Synchronize is grayed out, then
  3. Export your Project to SD Card.

This gets your current BB project onto the SD card. You then insert the SD card in the BB and, when you power on the BB, the songs will be available.

Think I’m going to need a bit more clarification/instructions.

Does saving a Project save everything including the songs I’ve created from the BB Manager to the card? I need to do that as well as the card has not been updated with all the new drums etc.

When saving a Project will the pedal show the folder I created in BB Manager of the songs I created?

Saving a project will save the drum kits fir which you have clicked the box in front of their name in the BB Manager drum kits list.

Likewise, the pedal will contain all of the song folders that are in your BB Manager Songs list.

Thanks for all the info. Are there videos available to go over how to do all of this?