How to make a succesful resource update

Recently I purchased a BB.
Out-of-the-Box it comes with 1.X.X firmware version and I updated to the last version succesfully.

I downloaded the BeatBuddy_Default_Content-July_27_2016 file and checked each folder but I viewed a difference in EFFECTS folders:

  • BB Effects folders has 33 files.
  • BeatBuddy_Default_Content-July_27_2016 has 133 files.

How can make succesful resource update in BB SD Card?
is Delete and Replace the content in the SD card the right way to ensure BB is full updated?

Thanks and keep rocking!!!

Here’s the steps. Most of which are also explained in the user guide.

  1. If you modified any of the files or folders that you downloaded in the default content update, just delete that entire download and download and unzip it again. Why? The BBM is the files/folders/songs/drum sets and project manager for the BeatBuddy. Mucking about the contents using your computer OS risks messing up the way the BBM recognizes and processes stuff.
  2. To avoid problems, use your computer SD slot reader or an external SD card reader.
  3. Delete the folders and files from your SD card. DO NOT FORMAT THE CARD
  4. Empty the trash or recycle bin.
  5. Copy the files and folders of the default content update to the top level of your card.
  6. Use the BBM File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card.
  7. Follow the prompts to save project to your computer.

Thank you a lot!!!