How to play 500+ note songs

I just upgraded BB to the latest version, can someone please point me to any tutorial that shows how to use the pedal with 500+ note songs? I’m not sure if these songs are meant to be played from beginning to end by just pressing the pedal once, or if you still use the pedal to transition through the song.


some start right away …some you will have to press outro to work …
open the song in bb mgr (edit, right click. intro or main midi file) to see which ones they are …
I move them all to start as an intro. …your choice.

sorry to be slightly obtuse about this…do I right-click a part of the song (ex intro) and what am I looking for to move to the start? thanks

some op songs start on the outro…
in bb mgr you will be able to see which is the song & which is the ‘dead’ midi that plays nothing/null.
just left click /hold hold ‘the song’ & drag it to be the intro or main if the song is starting using the outro.
If that’s your preferred choice.
clearer or muddier ? :wink:

got it thanks will try that out