How to put songs in new "superordinated" folder?

Hi everyone,
I purchased the “all in 3” song package and now my BB’s menu looks quite crowded. Is it possible to create a “higher” or “superordinated” folder, name it “all in 3” and put all the songs that came in the package in there? If yes, how? And I would like to do the same with some user created content…

  • Use the BBM menu Songs > New Folder
  • highlight the folder in the left pane,
  • File > Import each of the 3 contents of the folders or the songs individually from the packages
  • name your folder

The video tutorials and user manual can also help make sense of this.

Thanks for the reply - but I’m still at a loss about how exactly the import of an existing folder into the new folder works.
I got the new folder. It’s highlighted. I go to File->import folder. Then this dialogue window comes up (see screenshot), and I don’t know how to go on from there.
Do I have to import the folders that I already imported into the BBManager again into the “new folder” (from the downloads)?
And then delete the duplicates?
Isn’t there a simple “drag and drop” way (within the sidebar of the BBManager)?
What I’d like to have is: the new folder (then named “all in 3”) which contains all the “all in 3…” folders which contain the songs.
(I’m not an english native speaker, so please be patient with me…)

Hi, Susanne. Which version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) are you using and which version of the Mac operating system?
I see what you’re trying to do and it poses a problem. The BBM does not presently “nest” folders (one folder inside of another). Depending on the version you are using, you may be able to move the beats from each folder to your new folder. If you do this, you will have hundreds of beat files in this “All in 3” folder. It would be nice to use drag and drop from the Mac Finder to do what you want but you must use the BBM to move/copy/delete songs or drum sets.

If you still want to move all the beats to a single folder, let me know and I’ll provide the screen shots of how to do this.

Here’s a screen shot of how to change the name of a folder:
[ATTACH]6580[/ATTACH] click on the folder and once it turns blue, replace the name with whatever you want (as long as it does not have special characters

If you want to move the beat parts from your other folders, highlight the beat part and drag and drop it up to your new folder; you’ll have do to this for every part you want to put in the All in 3 folder. The screen shot gives you a general idea of how to do this
[ATTACH]6581[/ATTACH] Highlight the file you want to move and drag it to your new folder

My opinion? It’s not worth the effort to drag and drop each song part—especially since what I think you want to do is to “nest” each folder within the “All in 3” folder.

Hi and thank you - yes, I wanted to have “nesting” folders in order to arrange the content more clearly.
I didn’t mean to use the mac finder to drag and drop, but I hoped I could just drag one folder directly in the BBManager sidebar into the new one.
Pity this doesn’t work, maybe an idea for the next firmware update? Would make things much easier…
To have all the “all in 3” songs in one folder wouldn’t help, that would be pretty confusing.

Do you maybe haf any other ideas how I could reduce the amout of folders in the main BBManager menu without deleting anything?

I got BBManager and Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6

Good question, Susanne. You can create different projects to contain only the folders you need. Beyond this, I’m not sure what else would work. After a while of using the BBM, you will have a good idea of which folders you don’t need, you could Save Project As with a new name and delete the folders you don’t use.