How to re-open Beat Buddy Manager recently installed on my Mac

My old Mac has a [digital] upgrade from 2013 (analog) to a week ago (2021). I need to open the Beat Buddy Manager. I am not a geek. I have (2) missed calls from Jay. Please help.


Did you have an SSD added to your computer and did you upgrade the Mac OS to Catalina?

Do you need to reinstall the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or is it already installed but you can’t get it to work?

I was able to reinstall the Manager and my Mac is saying it doesn’t trust the opening for risk from viruses (not Covid 19, jokingly) or bugs. I have always opened it before on the analog system. I don’t know what is the difference.

You can try some of the tips from this link Mojave or Catalina: how to get the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) installed and working

Thank you, very kindly. I will follow your suggestion. I was wondering if I should try to get a link connection like before with Jay.

If you have TeamViewer installed and you run into problems, you can start a private conversation through the forum with me.

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