How to set output on a WIN computer?

I have multioutput sound cards in my computer, with 20 Outputs. Unfortunately BB-Manager uses in my case a digital out that is not connected to the console. I cannot find in BB any possibility, to change the output channels…

What’s the Windows default output (check in the Volume Mixer)? I didn’t see any place to specify where the output goes in BBManager either.

Of course I try to change that. No success at all. BB-Managers output still remains on the useless digital out. There must be a fixed routing in the program.

I’ve never used this but there appear to be some freeware and not-freeware that can do some routing of application sound - here’s one that’s free:

I see alternatives under FreeAudioCable and VirtualAudioCable.

What OS are you using? If Windows, which version? Some solutions are dependent on which version of Windows you’re running.