How would I export a mp3 of a BeatBuddy Song from BBManager?

I had the idea busking this weekend that if I could export a mp3 of my Beatbuddy loops and load them on my iPhone. I could play them through my Battery Powered Amp to accompany myself.

Has anybody done anything like this? What was the process?

Thanks in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:

Easy. Play the beatbuddy into your laptop, and use something like Audacity or other sound recording program to record it. Save the audacity file as whatever you want.

Yep what ash said. I have done that process to all my songs but also including the guitar I play and put them on my phone but I use them for practicing my singing. For using the beatbuddy and my other pedals with my battery powered amp I have this.

Great idea - I will give that a shot! Thanks…

What is T

What is THIS little box of Aweaome? It runs your BB?

I have a cell phone charger/battery I bought off of Amazon that I use to run BB usually once or twice a week. I tried to run a BB and a Boomerang 3 off of it, but it wouldn’t give up the required ma’s. It will run the 'rang OR the BB, but not both. I would buy another one, but they have been discontinued.

Your “Invention” inspires me to built 2 of them: one for BB and one for Boomer, lol. Where did you get the dc converters?®-Converter-Supply-Module-Non-isolated/dp/B00A71E52G

Some folks had difficulty getting the polarity right on that particular unit but a quick google search should find you others. If I were doing this, I’d consider a trip to the battery store to get a heavier duty 12V rechargeable. 12V lead-acids come in all shapes and sizes these days. You may be able to find alternative chemistries as well. I haven’t seen anything in a 9V design but maybe the RC aircraft community has something in a lithium-ion or lithium polymer forumula.

This is the 9v converter I used

The Input voltage just needs to be anywhere from 12v up to 28v. I use 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries found pretty affordable on ebay. I use these batteries cause I use them in my work headlamp and have found them to be quite good. I think they are the type of batteries used in cordless power tool battery packs if you were to open one up. I did end up buying a decent charger (nitecore d4) that makes it easy to monitor when charging as I do sometimes get a dead battery.

I have created two separate 9v packs due to the beatbuddy can’t be daisychained to my other pedals with out causing severe buzzing weather on battery or wall plug. Never tried using the one 4 pack battery to run the two separate 9v converters and weather it still gets buzzing.

Thanks for the info - I will check it out!

What is the maximum and mininum limit of Amper to be used for not to damage the BB pedal?

9V, minimum 300mA