Humanizing and beat randominzation

I’d love to see two additional features:

  1. Randomization of tempo (“beat offset”) for a more human feel
  2. Pattern randomizer to make the patterns vary slightly at every cycle

Otherwise, very cool product! :smiley:

Actually, all existing BeatBuddy beats are not quantized at all - they already sound human as they were recorded as a result of real human playing! Goran actually played drums that were recording stick hits as a sequence of MIDI notes.

But for creating user drums, this requested feature may come in handy for new manager software version. (Though I myself hate it)

You intended it sound humanized. But then you used a superhuman drummer.

My playing will add that humanized feel on my case.

I am sure, Goran will be very happy to hear you loved his playing so much. I am also sure he really deserves these warm words for all his hard work he has done!

Still one of the BeatBuddy key points was that actual drummers could also use it to improve their own playing. What point is there in a drum machine that emulates a drunk or a very bad drummer? I don’t think there is a lot (if any). Just like there is probably no point in having an absolutely perfect drums (though I would much rather prefer them personally) - you can just use any specialized computer software for that.

The point here was to get real sound, in that unique way it was played. Not a soulless machine beats, and not a mess at the same time!

I’ll take the perfect drummer anytime. Praise Goran. Please send him to Nashville for a few weeks.

I agree, would like to see more straight country beats