I am having trouble using my BeatBuddy to sync my Helix

I am having trouble using my BeatBuddy to sync my Helix. I have both set to channel 4 the midi cable is connected from the OUTof the BB MIDI connector to the IN of the Helix. The Helix is set to receive MIDI and nothing is happening. The tempo of the Helix is not syncing to the BB.

Hi there, what firmware version is your BeatBuddy on?

Helix 3.50
I am also having the same trouble with my Boss RC 5. I am able to send midi to the BB however nothing can be sent from the BB to other midi.

Sorry but I am asking for your BeatBuddy firmware, not the other devices

Look At 3.10 of this video , maybe it can help you

Have software ver. 4.0.1

I am able to receive MIDI Sync from other devices but when I attempt to send Sync to other devices I get nothing.

I set MIDI output of the BeatBuddy to:


Channel set to 1

Sync set to Always on

Start set to Disable (I don’t want the RC 5 to start until I press the peddle)

Stop set to End Only

Notes set to disable

the RC 5 is set to:

RX CTL CH set to 1

OMNI set to ON

RX Note Channel set to 1


CLOCK OUT set to off

MIDI Thru set to off

It’s possible the RC5 needs the start to work, have you looked at the RC5 manual or the Boss forum?

Does it work when start is on?

I use BB and HX Stomp. HX Stomp ignores BB tempo until it gets MIDI START.
If BB doesn’t send MIDI START, HX Stomp would not sync to BB. I assume Helix Floor or LT behaves the same.

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I have tried the
BB MIDI start on and still no sync to either the Helix or the Bass RC5. I am able to sync from the RC5 to the BB and from the RC5 to the Helix. It is beginning to look like I have a bad MIDI Cable. The one I have is brand new from Singular Sound. I have ordered a new MIDI Cable from Singular Sound to test this theory. If that is the case and the new cable works I will request a refund and see how that goes. If it does not fix the issue I may have a bad BeatBuddy.

Definitely reach out so support@singularsound.com so they can make sure to help you troubleshoot here

Thanks for keeping us updated!