I am new to beatbuddy just wondering how it works

I am new to BeatBuddy, I’ve been hearing different opinions about it good and bad I would just like to get some kind of idea of how it works.


There are a digital crap ton of videos covering the basics of the Beat Buddy. If you go to the home page here mybeatbuddy.com there should be a link for videos. Check a few of them out and if you still have any questions or concerns post up.

It depends on what you need from it. It sounds amazing. If you just need a beat to practice to, it’s awesome and easy. It takes practice to be able to perform live with it, though, but that is to be expected. I use it live to play both drums and bass!

The BB is only bad to those who have unmet expectations or are not willing to take the learning curve. It does what it is designed to do and does it better than any other product out there in this regard. Being a first generation product, the BB concept has great potential. If the Management is listening, the next few generations of the BB will be unbelievable.

I think the Beatbuddy is a pretty cool and super useful tool!

But… there is a learning curve!

I am using Beatbuddy in 3 different Music Projects: an Acoustic Roots Americana Band, a duet, and for a Worship Band in a small church environment (100-150 people).