I have returned my Aeros Looper

I ordered my looper a couple of weeks ago without doing enough research - that’s my own fault… I expected that it would work the way it is described on the SS website and like I had seen in the Youtube videos, and I was particularly looking forward to integrating it’s MIDI capabilities with my MC6, my HX Stomp, and my BeatBuddy.

Having received the unit and read the forums, I realise that I am way too early to this party, and I will have to wait until its worth the equivalent of the $740 that I paid here in the UK. I expect that one day, if all the promises are kept, it WILL be worth that money and at that point I will buy it again without hesitation.

It was a tough decision to make, but I only had 14 days to return it, and there is no sign of any new firmware, so that’s what I have decided. I am REALLY hoping that it soon lives up to expectations, because it looks to have huge potential.

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Where are you in the UK?

West London

New firmware is coming in a few more days. Check this post: I think I will return this alpha stage unit

If and when the Aeros works flawlessly as previously advertised AND the full MIDI implementation document is released (so that I can control it with my MC6) I will buy it again.