I like the old forum much better

I like the old forum much better.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mike. I agree and I’m sure that others do as well.

Is there anything in particular that you liked about the old forum? For example, I’m still waiting on the Resources to be moved over to Discourse; without them, it only seems like a shell of its former self. I also liked the overall layout of the old one as it was definitely easier to gain the bigger picture of the forum organization and contents; it was also easier to navigate and to be able to find and take in more information.

Adaptation is easiest when we have something familiar to glom onto. Besides the Resources, what would you like to see in Discourse? Although it would seem easy to reshape this forum so that it more closely resembled the old one, I don’t think the software will allow this.

I have no idea how to navigate through this new site either.

I agree!
Switch back to the old forum, or choose other forum software.

Hey Mr Moderator…I can see a petition coming :man_student:! You guys are doin just great but I have to agree - the old site was easy and the resources are what made the community.

Resources are in the process of migrating, and we have a fairly large amount of control over the forum’s appearance, but it takes some man hours and our users have made it pretty clear they want BeatBuddy Firmware updates and BeatBuddy Manager updates more (at least that’s our takeaway).

So right now we’re pushing to finish resources migration, and push out firmware/software updates. But once that’s done we can take a pass at the look of this.

@persist The software will allow it to look like the old forum, it’s just going to take some of Irving’s time to do so as the code for that is languages that I’m not used to working with so it’d be inefficient for me to take on the endeavor.


If there are minor changes you guys would like, I can certainly handle them - but a larger scale redesign to the old forum’s look is going to have to wait till we’ve finished migration of resources and pushed out a couple updates first. Also, updates are coming soon.


Thanks, Anthony. I’ll defer to what users have asked for (updating the BBM) but speaking for myself, I can hold off on any changes to the forum appearance until after the Resources are converted to Discourse and the BBM has been updated.

The best forum pages I know of is either the
VGuitar Forum :

The Gear Page :

This new forum looks [ CLUNKY ] to me .

EZ :


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About the resources… It would be great a good song browser. In the old form It is not an easy way to find a song. I would link search songs by author, musical style, song name, …

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I can’t log in to the new forum properly. The new forum won’t accept my password info. I can only log in after using a link after visiting the old site. I’m using OSX10.6. Can’t figure out how to search old threads for answers here either.

Yeah, this is really messed up. I put this forum on a new computer (Win10) that never had the old forum and found I couldn’t log in to the new one without having to go to another computer that had the old forum on it and retrieving the login link email on the new computer.

The search function on the new forum is at the top…

@MarkF48 and @Metallic_Sun I’ll look into these login issues right away with the Discourse support team.