I see Bass, but can a guitar be used instead?

I read in other threads that users can program bass into songs, I wonder is this possible to do with guitar instead? I play keys with left hand basslines, and having a comping guitar would be brill! Or does bass work because it is not “chordal” and only plays single notes?


@aashideacon came up with something that includes guitar strums.

thx I’ll check it. ummm is there a link to somewhere other than his profile page?

Sure. Try searching the Resources tab to this forum or you can search for superbassg

thx, found the thread and posted a question :slight_smile:

I posted a quick how-to here: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-beatbuddy.4999/page-2#post-20079

cool, thanks :slight_smile: