I think I will return this alpha stage unit

Sorry, I need to get something off my chest:
I was looking forward to this looper for months. I sold my infinity looper in anticipation of the Aeros. I encountered many of the bugs (2.10) and promised features that have been mentioned on this forum. Can’ t delete a track, no undo while running, sometimes the audio waves are still displayed after the track was deleted (at last, in Stop mode, ha!), functions of the buttons disappear occasionally on the screen etc. etc., the user interface imho not intuitive and very different from what loopers normally do (you don’t see what’s happening with the rack, instead you see what the button might do next), settings and home icons all over the place on the screen, two icons that share the same song functions and so on… it reminds of the time when I was one of the early buyers of Beatbuddy which had a terrible edit software, complicated and not streamlined at all, so I sold it!
I think with the Aeros and Beatbuddy they have developed great concepts with lots of potential which quite a lot of people were waiting for, but the software is far from being in a beta stage. And, from what I read here and on other forums, I do not accept that customers are faced with a product that has so many flaws and instead is missing basic features that were shown in videos and were a reason to buy. It seems as if we have to help the devs to incorporate basic looper functions here by communicating on this forum. I can live with a few bugs here and there because this just happens and they will be ironed out. But I never had such an unfinished products in my hands and I am far from trusting it on a stage. Incredible.
Was my money that I paid faulty? No. But the product is. If this comes across harsh it is meant to be: I lost enough time with this gear.
If the next firmware is still a mess I will return the Aeros.


I’m in the exactly same situation… the thing is, I don’t even know if I’m gonna wait for the next fw, who knows when it’s gonna be available


Same for me… I’m really disappointed. But what are they doing? What are they waiting for?

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@Heinrich you should be able to undo both layers of a track in version 2.10 – this is the same as deleting a track, just with the option to undelete (redo) – which is why the audio waves are displayed after you undo them (though they are faded to show they were undone). If you undo both layers (long hold on the RPO button) and record over it, the undone tracks are deleted.

I haven’t seen the functions of the buttons disappear – if you can let us know anything that seems to trigger that we can investigate it.

What’s happening with the track can be seen from the color of the track clock: Red for record, yellow for overdub, green for playback. Small circle in the clock means overdub layer was undone, large circle means both layers were undone. The button labels show what function the button have if you press them (with the exception for hold commands, such as undo/redo and mixer, which don’t change).

What are you referring to regarding two icons that share the same song functions?

Which basic features are missing that you feel are essential?

We are currently testing the new version of the firmware and hope to release it in the next few days.


With the update will I be able to record onto the track of my choice when going to another song part whether it’s empty or not? I like to keep my instruments on the same track throughout the song like in any mixing or recording situation.

@DavidPackouz Hi David, as much as I accept the technicality of your responses to Heinrich, I feel (at least) a small “sorry” would be much more effective in keeping your customers engaged. I’m not at the point where Heinrich is, but let’s face it: despite huge work certainly being invested in development, the Aeros has issues. I’m keeping it because I’ve seen the improvements in the Beatbuddy software over the years, therefore I trust the devs will fix them.
Why don’t you give us a weekly update on what’s happening? Where can we see the bug list, vote for them so you can prioritise and tell us which ones are on the next update?

Just downloaded 2.11.1. Plenty of great improvements. Easier than ever to navigate between screens. Nice features like click mute after first track, etc. Well done, keep going.


I just gave it a little test as well… definitely some cool little improvements… and I changed the name of a saved song! :slight_smile:
This will help me for adding some notes to a song once it’s worked out (Beatbuddy beat used, Key, BPM, etc)

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David, thanks for getting back to me and for your help.

Yes, undo is possible, I realise. With undo, the blue colour of the waveform fades to a lighter blue. After messing around with three tracks, I had one track in blue, one in a lighter blue, and one in a whitish blue which seems to be muted — and then I lost completely track of what is what. Also, I did not manage to step back to track one and two after working on track three. The fact that I have to press another button ( stop button) to delete two layers and not press the one that deals with record, overdub, undo, mute, play the track does not make it easier for me. On the othe hand: record, overdub, undo, redo, mute, unmute of a track, all carried out by one knob, is more complicated than I liked. And watching inner and outer circles while several moving waveforms are displayed does not seem so intuitive to me. But maybe I’m just to slow…

Two menu buttons showing the same functions, well, I have to apologise here: I did not realise one is for editing the existing song, the other for editing the new song. My mistake. Still I find: too many menu buttons for few functions to my taste, but maybe that is just me.

I could not faithfully repeat the error with the disappearing functions of the buttons, in fact, it happened two or three times but not this time, when I played the Aeros for a short while.

What I noticed also: when I recorded on track one of part two, recording resulted in a thin line instead of a clear waveform — overdub as next recording showed a normal waveform again. But why does a track show overdub as next option after the track was deleted?

I miss the midi functions.

I have decided to return the unit, not because of the glitches or the missing features I experienced - they will surely being ironed out shortly if were not already. But I do not like the user interface which I find confusing and displaying to much information - even if we talk about 6x 6 tracks. This is a matter of taste maybe but that’s how I feel. I got lost easily I must say…

I may come back again as a user because this unit has a lot of potential and the concept is great. But as it stands now it is not for me.

So I will be around on this forum from time to time to see how things are going.
I wish you guys all the best and success with the new Aeros.


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Thank you for your feedback @Heinrich

I’m sorry that you’re finding some aspects of the Aeros frusterating or confusing. It’s always a challenge to make a very powerful device that can do many things while keeping it simple.

Just to clarify, you can undo both layers of the track (base layer and overdub) without pressing the stop button. Just keep holding the RPO down, first the overdub gets undone, then the base layer. You can redo in the same way. The small hole in the track clock indicates the overdub layer was undone, a large hole indicates that both layers were undone (or if there was only one layer and it was undone). Recording over an undone layer deletes that layer and replaces it, just like all other loopers.

The functions of the RPO button is the same as the Ditto looper (and most other simple loopers) – tap to record, tap to playback, tap to overdub, hold to undo/redo, double tap to stop (mute in the case of the Aeros because it has multiple tracks, so you’re just ‘stopping’ that track). We thought it was simplest to use the same framework that most people are used to and then build more powerful features on top of it (multiple tracks and song parts, etc.).

When we do complete the MIDI functions (within the next 1-2 months), you will be able to use the MIDI Maestro to separate out all of these functions into separate buttons.

I’m sorry you felt that this isn’t ready for you yet – I agree that it does have a few bugs and some missing features. I do feel we’ve been transparent about this being the case and we are regularly rolling out updates as well as extending everyone’s return period so there is no anxiety about keeping the unit while we iron these things out.

Again, I very much value your and everybody else’s feedback so we can make the Aeros the best looper it can be.