Idea for bluetooth

Just a app, that you can set the settings like you want directly with your phone or tablet, without to go down everytime to change or adjust .
A little bit like the Line 6 Firehawk Fx
Also you can record sounds or songs directly into the Aeros with bluetooth of your phone/tablet

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There are a variety of midi controller apps that allow you to control Aeros. At least a couple of us have already set up controllers with the existing midi implementation. The upgraded midi should make the controllers worthwhile.


which one?

Midi Designer Pro on iPad. I put together most of a layout for Aeros, but there are some important midi commands that are still unavailable; so I dropped working on it. There is another user here who has a great layout built for Beat Buddy elsewhere on this forum.

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We have not defined the use of the Aeros Bluetooth capabilities, but stay tuned!

Thanks for the feedback!


Sure I stay tuned
A equalizer can be nice for each track
put effects for each track
from a smartphone/tablet app to the Aeros

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The best use for it (and I don’t see why WiFi couldn’t support the same) would be as a Bluetooth to midi device.

Then, since the midi support in aeros will be great by that point (right?), all the control/settings we would want will be easily possible automatically.

If you wanted to support Bluetooth audio as well, I suppose it would be useful, but I don’t really see that as high priority.

The worst use would be a proprietary interface to the settings or control. That’s just another non standard set of controls that you won’t have manpower to maintain.

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yes , but if they coming with this kind of stuff they gonna not buy a lot of Maestro!