IK Multimedia iRig Pads???

Does anyone know if the IK Multimedia iRig Pad is compatible with the Beat Buddy? Thanks…

There have been several posts to the forum about iRig Multimedia. You can try searching using Multimedia and see what you come up with.

I’ll search again. Thanks…

I searched 8+ pages and found nothing. I’d settle for a simple yes or no…

I don’t see how the iRig Pad would have the ability to get MIDI out to the B.B. Nothing in the description indicates that it has a Bluetooth app. It might work in conjunction with more hardware, but there are likely other midi pad controllers, with actual 5 pin midi outs, that would be better suited for triggering the B.B.

Seems there is a similar iPad app feature request in this thread:

Not really the same thing. The iRig Blueboard has an app that connects it with Bluetooth to an iPad. This allows programs like OnSong to then receive commands from the BlueBoard and transmit them to the BeatBuddy via midi over Bluetooth. To use the iRig Pad would require IK Multimedia to develop a similar app for the IRig Pad. Given that they have the Blueboard app, one would think the programming is within their capabilities. But, it really has nothing to do with Beat Buddy shortcomings. This one is all IK’s problem.

Ok cool. got it. yeah it’s hard for 2 companies to develop things to work together. usually its one of them that delays it or causes the project to fall apart leaving the end users out of luck :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the replies!