This was posted last January by PERSIST (thanks!). This is a bit of a tweak to the intro , a re-do of the cheat and a tab of the entire song to reflect Harrison’s rockabilly licks. Uses NP LUDWIG BASS.
Couple of things… there is a 4 beat count in, then 8 beats (2 measures of the G-C riff). Start singing on BEAT 8. If you listen to the recording you’ll catch on.
Next, re that G-C. If you look at the tab, you’ll see its a partial G Barre, then a partial C Barre. The way its written in the official Beatle transcriptions is more like a partial G Barre, then lay the little finger down across the C barre three strings. youve got to get that e string for the correct sound. Good luck.

I’LL CRY INSTEAD.zip (80.3 KB)