Importing songs into a new folder

I have created a new folder and named it Set List. I exported a song and imported it to the folder with no problem. When I export another song and try to import it to the same folder I get the following error.
Missing effect to song mapping information skipping file. Every song I try to add to the existing folder gives me the same message. I am unable to create my set list as it will only allow me to add one song to the folder? Has anyone had this problem or can give me info as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks Mike.

When you are exporting a song, make sure that none of the following symbols are in the filename: \ / : * ? " < > |

This should prevent that error message from popping up.

My tutorial videos also explain this, as to many posts on the forum. But I believe this was fixed in v1.33 of the BB manager.