In BB Manager, the STOP Button Doesn't

I’m not sure if this is a bug or user error, but…

In my Beat Buddy Manager, I have (as you all do) the representation of my main pedal and the outboard pedal. The left button on the (representation of) the outboard pedal does what I expect when I click on it – it plays the accents I’ve programmed into each section; however, the BBM does not seem to want to respond to the right STOP button.

Might be related: In the graphic representation in the BBM, the left button has two black circles around it, the right only has one. I BELIEVE this indicates that the BBM does not acknowledge the existence of the right button, which seems to be the case in practice as well.

What am I doing wrong? Is it a bug in the software, or CKI (chair-keyboard interface) error?


Hey, JoeinOttawa. Not a bug or a CKI issue. The virtual machine (representing the right button of the remote foot switch) for some odd reason was not designed to work. If you feel strongly enough about it, please use the feedback button on the left of the screen to suggest that the developers remedy this situation. If other users support it, they’ll give it a thumbs up and the developers will get a sensing of how important the feature is.