In My Place


Coldplay’s “In My Place”



You seem to be very adept at creating these sng files - awesome. Is there any chance you could post a VERY SIMPLE workflow for non tech musicians who are interested in creating these sng files? I have no experience with midi or drum loop software but I’m sure if there was a very straightforward tutorial for starting from scratch using an example of how you built one of your basic sng files, it would fairly easy to replicate. I imagine a lot of the specifics steps depend on the specific software used for editing midi (I would think) but perhaps you could do it with some freeware or (in my case) with something like Garageband? I have a Mac and have to work around not having a mac version of BB manager.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help you could offer!


Unfortunately each piece of MIDI composer software varies so significantly in their user interfaces that there’s no generic example I could produce that would be of much use. I suspect the Beat Buddy software engineers are at least in the planning stages for producing a custom tailored MIDI editor that is linked to the drum kit files so that your editor view only consists of the instruments in your kit. Most MIDI editors are filled with features that you won’t need for composing a drum track and it would be nice to have something tailored for a guitarist who just wants to quickly and easily click out a rhythm track.