Increase Midi file limit

I miss a midi file limit a 1000 notes instead of 500, so i can make a more complete with many details midi file.

This is something that a lot of people have requested unfortunately currently this is not possible due to I believe firmware limitations.

i hope we can see this limitation upgraded since most of us can afford more than 4gig of sd ram providing the firm ware is in the sdram the day we can just drag a gen midi drum kit into bb…may be we can start some kind of donations towards this if it helps because we love the product…

I’m pretty sure SD card won’t have any impact on BB capacities except for the amount of WAV samples for different kits etc. that could be loaded on one, which there is plenty of room for. The BeatBuddy uses a Texas Instruments single board ARM CPU that has a fixed amount of RAM on it. Unless SS can confirm otherwise the limit is likely how much the QT-5 player can buffer based on the platform that it is running on, ie. a BB2 would be needed for doing full songs or multi-track Midi that would conain more than 500 notes. Same issue with 100MB kit size, it needs to buffer all samples in the current kit into a limited memory space.

Ah if only I could share my MidiBuddy video…
Your dreams may come true like… really soon :slight_smile: So hold on tightly!

here is what i m thinking you have song 1 that has 2 patterns and what ever if we could have a command that links song 1 with patterns 1 and 2 to song two pattern 1 and 2 and just call the comand SONG LINK… this way we could have a song with 4 patterns and not worry about midi note count its just a command to go to the next song which is now linked to song one this way u could have 4 patterns

@zeo bas How would that be any different from editing a song in BBManager, inserting two parts to a song from another one? That’s not as easy as it may sound, and currently I don’t get the idea behind that - how would you use that? Or, what do you need this for?