Infinity beatbuddy

I would like to ask a question in relation to my BB and Infinity looper.
I always use my Infinity together with the BeatBuddy.
(Infinity is MIDI slave).
For a few days I have stored some presets of songs in the looper, but the problem comes when I change from one preset to another the Infinity does not go well and goes to another speed at the first touch, if I stop and start again , then it works well.I do not know if it is a bad configuration of the BB or it is the fault of Infinity. Maybe one of you has the same thing ever happened.
Can you help me with this. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Does the Infinity do this when it’s disconnected from the BeatBuddy or only when the two pedals are connected?

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Here are two threads that I recall from the old forum:

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Thank you for your response, I will look at all this.