Infinity drifting with BeatBuddy

I’ve read of others having good luck with the Infinity looper, but mine is drifting slightly in what should be a pretty simple situation. I have tried what I can think of – swapping MIDI cables, using factory songs instead of the one I created, trying various options on the Infinity MIDI menu, etc., but the same thing keeps happening. Both are updated to the latest firmware available.

Running a very simple song on the BB, just a single 4/4 measure at 72 bpm. No fills, no intro, just the basic 4/4 kick on 1, hats on 1s, rim shots on 2 and 4.

Infinity is in Series mode, sync is on. Pulsing with the “1” on the BB. Record 2 measure pattern, hit the button again, starts looping, in sync, will stay that way forever, apparently.

Hit loop 2 to record a 9 measure chorus, get done, hit loop 1 to change back over. Remains in sync, everything seems fine.

But switch back and forth between them a few times and the BB gets ahead of the Infinity, and it gets progressively worse.

Any ideas? I wish Pigtronix had forums like these but they don’t; maybe someone has encountered a similar situation?

Had no issues with the pig-looper yet, dont know what causes this, but you can contact support, theyre very helpful…

There is another feature, what might help you, its called "stutter". It resets the loop syncing to the quarter notes (you have to hit the switch at the 1 of the beat (inaccuraties will be corrected syncing to incomming Midi clock), maybe you can get the beat back with it...? ( you have also set the "overdub sync to loop boundaries" in application. Maybe you have to experiment with it a little, but its the only help I can imagine, since I`ve never noticed this issue… I wish you good luck, and please give feedback…

I know you can configure the individual Pig presets slots to sync to either a beat or measure, any chance that has something to do with it, like you’re starting loops on a certain beat, but the Pig isn’t finished counting it’s measure yet?

I thought of that … and did make sure this particular preset was a 4/4 preset. It’s perfectly repeatable, and if you stop the BeatBuddy and restart it, everything is perfectly synced again until you change back and forth a few times. It seems to me that the second loop is either opening or closing a fraction of a second too early, and that gets progressively worse each time you change loops. The folks at Pigtronix are looking into it now.

I also picked up a Boss RC-300, which does what I want the Infinity/BeatBuddy combo to do effortlessly (the RC-300 has drums onboard). But the drums on that are not editable and you are stuck with their patterns and samples.