Infinity Midi Sync Request

If this is already doable, i haven`t been able to find it…

I would like to have my BB permanetly connected to my Infinity Looper. Say i want to do a song without the BB, my infinity is locked to the tempo that the BB is sitting idle at. So rather than have to unplug the midi cable from the BB, is there a way to make the Infinity not lock in with BB when BB is in idle mode?

Set the midi out control in the B.B for Sync while playing.

And it`s that easy! Thanks mate. Will delete thread.

Am i missing something / can`t find the button, or can i not delete my own threads?

Don’t delete the thread! I have both the Infinity looper and BB, and may need to re-reference this someday if I ever figure out how to use the Infinity! (I’m currently using the RC-300 with no problems–other than not being able to figure out how to sync the BB with that, too.) :slight_smile: