My first experience with BB went well connected up to my tube amp but interference became an issue, I was hoping to use BB in my live performance but levels of interference to the sound - loud pops, whirrs, squeaks and clicks were impossible to remove, and an unacceptable level of distraction during quiet passages.
Connecting to a PA in a live situation would take too long to set up, usually all you get is three to five minutes to set up your gear and go! plug in the amps, dump a case of pedals on the floor, connect up in and out and you’re away, any longer and your audience would have drifted away from the performance area…

At home I tried mains filters, with and without other pedals, guitar amp, acoustic amp, pa system…just the same. An electrician friend happened to drop by and suggested running BB from a power source in a different part of the house which I have yet to try…maybe I should try it with the BB supplied power adaptor outside my pedal power chain…?

BB is a good idea and could work in the real world , maybe there is anoise filter available…?


I go with everything plugged into a Monster power pro 1000. It’s best to plug it into the same circuit as the PA if you use PA.
I disagree with the electrician if you mean separate circuits for BB and the amp. Less house wiring in the circuit is better, as in everything on one receptacle. Testing a receptacle might show improper wiring.


Mine is totally quiet. Did you try another cable?

Not sure why you say it would take too long to set up at a gig or what kind of gigs you play that give you 5 minutes to set up and go. If you have it on your pedalboard with power already plugged in like your other pedals, it’s just one cable to plug into a d.i. or pa.


many thanks for your replies ! using BB in my pedal chain as instructed : BB last in the chain then straight into my amp…


ay I tried BB with its own power supply, not connected into my pedal chain, and the interference was considerably reduced, still a bit of a hiss but a vast improvement - onward and upward! :smiley:


Just out of curiosity, if you plug the BB into the amp/PA all by itself, is it noisy?


Not at all. But the answer will depend greatly on the amp you’re using.

Mine Roland Cube 20x isn’t noisy at all even when I load a dirty channel of my other amp Blackstar HT-1R through BeatBuddy to it.


I guess I was asking SlowPaw Steve (OP) if his BB was noisy all by itself. He’s got a tube amp, and from what I understand, tube amps behave differently than solid state in terms of grounding, so if you mix solid state and tube devices in a chain, or into a mixer/PA/separate amp channels/digital recorder, and you have a buzz/hiss… there is a real good possibility that the devices themselves are not the issue, but the combination of the devices.