International delivery only please


Who got his BB delivered?


just checked.

24 Sep was in Hongkong, 25 Sep Processed at MELBOURNE - AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE - AUSTRALIA 11:32 PM.

Estimated Delivery: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 By End of Day

That is what it says on DHL website.


Sub-question for this, if anyone’s able to answer: if you were getting notifications or otherwise watching the tracking, how many notifications/stops were there along the way?


Mine is on its way (I am in the UK), but I found the following useful.

A general step by step breakdown

  1. Shipment information received (This means a label has been generated)
  2. Shipment picked up (DHL have your item)
  3. Departed Facility in HONG KONG (Your item has left the initial facility)
  4. Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG (Your item is going to be sorted for international shipping)
  5. Processed at HONG KONG (Your item has been organised and is ready for shipping)
  6. Departed Facility in HONG KONG (Your item has left Hong Kong)

Thanks, will keep in mind. I’ve gotten up to 4 on that list so far. Naturally was also wondering about notifications domestically, but that might vary from country to country.

(But, this is where I’ve gotten something more than the first notification, so… hopefully it’s out from under the Chinese government now (and about when it was actually predicted for once)? We’ll see.)