Intro Settings Song Specific

I’d like to see intro settings be song specific as opposed to a global setting. For the most part I use count in, but I have some songs that require no intro at all or some need an intro to be played. It is a bit of a pain to have to change the settings for a particular song then change back. I am not sure if it is possible but song specific settings as opposed to a global setting for intro would be nice. There are ways around it, just a convenience thing for me.

I’ve been exporting/importing to a new folder then renaming to the real song name. From there I add/delete fills, intro’s, outros etc. I eventually won’t have anything but my own setlist folders on my project SD card.

Time spent w the product only increases the knowledge :wink:

I tried matching my brain to beats for about a month, matched about 50 tunes …
thought I would pee my pants… My old Alesis went on the shelf.
Then Charles invented the beat builder for the forum,
which helped add to learning curve of ‘velocities & beat mgmnt’
Guitar Stu added bass lines …Aashideacon inventing Drumkits & settings …
BB removing the 500 note mark … the game was on … :wink:
I’ve been using the midi editor in the new BB mgr …
adding things like maracas & or ‘quiet’ vibraslaps’ for cues I can’t keep track of… (lay down sally)
or ('unsupported notes #40 & 41)… arghh!
… now I just have to get my Ipad in the mix … & buy a looper .
If they add another octave to the bass lines … it’s about as good as it gets…
Thanks for the customer support BB & to the Forum…

The way to do that with the current features is song-by-song. For those that you want a count-in, make the song intro a count-in. I’ve posted a bunch of count-in midi’s to the Resources section that should work. For those that you want to use the stock intro, leave them alone.