Intro tap to start of song...

When our band practices together, our drummer would normally tap the intro to start the song. Using BB, there are some songs that have lead guitar openings, or such that it would be nice to have a feature in BBM to tap into a song and through to the part until the drums actually start playing. I thought that I had seen a thread about this, but now can’t find it. I recall there being some lengthy workaround. I must admit that I am not that great at using midi files, and do not have a good editor to use. I tried Reaper, which someone suggested, but it seems to want to record from my microphone input on my laptop and I have not been able to use it to cut out tracks and output midi files. I actually used an app on my phone to create my midi drum tracks that was for Karaoke purposes, but it got the job done.

Is there a planned update to be able to add a specific count tap in, or could someone easily explain how I would add this to my existing songs?

I made count-in midi files for various time signatures and posted them into the Resources section of the website here:

If you tell me how many measures you want, I could build longer ones in less than a minute and post them.

Your other alternative is to make the count-in midi file the first loop in the song. Then you can control how long it plays with the footpedal.

Either of these are very simple to do in the BBManager once you have the hang of it.

There can be major volume differences between drum kits and there are also many great songs created by users but since everybody has different requirements volume levels can be quite inconsistent. I understand you can add a volume pedal or edit the file to change the velocity of every midi note but is there any way to add a feature that would allow us to easily set and save the volume of a song in BBManager just like we set BPM?

To the OP - I have a song in my set that I do this with, count in followed by guitar only for 4 bars. So I simply created a midi file to do this and use it as the intro before the main beat starts as main part 1 of the song. It contains the count in followed by 4 empty bars. I found a freeware midi editor, called MidiEditor that I use and it worked fine for this and I’ve also used it for some other basic editing and transposing. I had never done anything with midi prior to getting my BB so I too am not that great with midi but have managed okay with minor stuff so far.

That would be great!