Intros and Extros KILL

Add a setting that kills Intros for all songs. Separate one for Extros. Or we can edit the songs and post them.

I agree 100%!! In order to use the Beat Buddy in a live performance setting, many songs start and end without intro or outro drum fills. We need the option of having or not having them on an individual basis. Thanks.

You will be able to remove these through the software. We’ll look into adding a setting to do it through the pedal. Good idea!

+1 for on-pedal setting to do this

Completely agree, a necessary feature.

I would like to see the function to start the beat, added to the external foot switch. I was playing yesterday with Funk 4 played with brushes at 75bpm - and the intro was just to busy. I am hoping to use this it for three songs in a row, currently I will just have to pause it. I guess once the software is out this will all be customisable within it.

Same here. Or maybe it’s “same hear”. I started a Country 6 on a song at 195 bpm and the intro is a machine gun. Outro and breaks don’t work either. But it’s typical of a drum machine pattern to not work well at bpm extremes from where it was created.