Is anybody making new songs??

Is anybody making new songs??? I would pay $$$$ for ether good hair band songs or someone to teach me how to do my own songs ! Is there another site that posts beatbuudy songs?

See how you go with this tutorial for creating your own songs. Once the new software comes out it will be even easier to take an existing midi file of which there are plenty of free ones in like and import in to the beatbuddy.

There are a few of us which have been making songs with the Beta software that cant be used with the Manager 1.5.1 so there will be a few songs come on line when it is released.

Although at this rate we might not get the next manager version until we get the next Guns and Roses album. :wink:

I have over 30 One press (OP) songs finished, well almost finished. I keep tweaking them and my OCD kicks in. When they are good enough I will post them. I have to say, I really like the freedom of the OP. I still have creative input in the songs which is great. I find that I have a little different version that I am used to playing on songs from 30 years of gigging with my 4 piece band, so they end up being the version that I OP…