Is creating a medley with a few default drumsets and different bpm's possible in BBM?

Good afternoon BeatBuddy enthusiasts.

I would really like to put together a medley and consecutively Country 5 - Brushes train (default drum set Brushes) on 94 bpm, Blues 4-6/8 (default drum set Standard) on 120 bpm and Country 6- Str 8) on 132 bpm ‘stick together’. Is this possible in BBM?

Thanks in advance for your response.
Kind regards, Roel

We are presently stuck with one drum set per song or beat.

Although I’ve tried to put 3 different beats into separate loops (and each with different tempos) on a song, it never works quite works the way I expected on the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal.

If you use a DAW (digital audio workstation), you could combine the 3 beats into a single file using time-stretching.

Thank you for your fast reaction Persist!

Pity that such an option isn’t available in BBM at the moment.

I don’t use a DAW at the moment, nor am I familiar with it. At first glance, it seems quite complicated to a layman. But because I would like to be able to use different drum sets and tempos in a medley, I am afraid that I will have to delve into DAW, midi, etc.

Do you also have tips for some applications in this area which I could try for free (if it is suitable for a beginner like me) and which is not too extensive? Thank you for your response Persist.

Reaper is trial-ware and reasonably priced; I think PreSonus still has a free version of Studio. They are still DAWs and they will come with a steep learning curve.

The tempo changes can be overcome but the use of several different drum sets in a single song probably cannot. I think you’re talking about using 2 different drum sets. You could try using a single kit such as Singular Sound’s Standard Pro (premium kit that you would have to buy) which would give you greater flexibility. Try SUB-Standard Pro Plain which is a user-created kit crafted by Phil_Flood to give you an idea.

I will dive further into the DAW matter.

Thank you so much for your help Persist. I really appreciate! Thanks!!