Is losing Footswitch settings when updating SD via reader a Mac thing?

Since Footswitch settings (like it or not) are a global function why does it appear after I remove and update my SD card on my MAC that I lose them?

Earlier BBManager versions allowed setting footswitch options for the pedal.
Right now this was dropped, however sometimes settings still get overwritten for some users. I will be fixing this for the next BBManager version.

I lost mine using Windows Vista yesterday when I updated my SD Card. Had to reset them. Not a big deal but I couldn’t figure out what happened. I have the Version of BB Manager. Just thought you might want to know.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

My footswitch settings are still getting lost whenever I remove and replace the SD Card. I’m using Windows for the BB Manager.

Aha, so that is what is doing it? Removing the SD card. Had not picked up on that. I have been losing my settings too. Windows user here.

Thanks for the heads up In1voice.

I will look at it to find (and, hopefully, kill) the source of the problem that is causing this.

New User, firmware 1.4.1, BBManager
I lose settings (specially intro and foot-switch config) upon SD updates.
Any new on this?
Keep rocking!

Guess what Daef, this is happening to me too. I pulled the card to upgrade it and when I put it back in, my settings for my remote buttons went away. It’s happened several times but I never thought about until now. The one I lost was the tempo on both counts, running and not running. Everything else stayed as it was. It’s not a major glitch, just a little bothersome. It doesn’t take much to reset it. Just thought I would add to the picture. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I believe this trouble is related to the fact of having no control of global settings on the management application.
What did the trick so far for me. (Still testing)
1- set all settings to taste
2- import project from SD card on management app
3- let’s copy the import project to computer overwrite previous that should be basically the same if you inserted the same SD and accept the invitation to link it.
4- make your mods and changes on your project
5- save the project
6- force a syncing between computer and SD card
7- eject your card and test settings on pedal

They should be right if this work for you as did for me.
Please tell me it that helped you. As I said I am still testing on my side after twice attempting no further loss of settings.

Thanks for this Miguel, I tried this exactly as you describe and my BeatBuddy lost the footswitch settings. It does this every time I take out the SD card. I am on Mac running latest operating system and BeatBuddy Manager version

This is a known issue that is being worked on by the developer.

Thanks persist, I eagerly await the good news!

Hi Guys,. Any news on this, I get all of these behaviors too?

I have found that if you copy the SD card files back onto the Mac after setting up all the adjustable parameters on the BB pedal, and use that as the new master-file, it all works a lot better. Although I still sometimes have to overwrite the SD card files rather than synching (when it shows error messages) and I haven’t been able to find out why.

Hi Tim
I’m on Windows 10
thanks for the tip
Could I ask some dumb clarifications

“SD card files back onto the Mac”
does that mean, creating a folder on your mac and copying the contents of the SSD into it?
“use that as the new master-file”
does that mean “File menu > import folder”
Thanks heaps

THANKYOU… oh the hours you’ve saved me