Is 'No SD Card' on Initial Bootup Normal?

I just recieved my Beat Buddy and out of the box, I would get the ‘No SD Card’ message on bootup. I could only see/play the blues folder but I did have the basic drumsets. I deleted everything from the SD card, copied the 2.0.4 firmware (latest at the time) and the 2019 premium collection onto the card and rebooted. I still get the ‘No SD Card’ message on bootup, but I can see all the drumkits and beats now. Is it a normal part of bootup to see that message?

When you copied the firmware to your card and after inserting the SD card to your pedal, did you get an “Updating Firmware” displayed on your pedal?

You can try the following: SOLUTION: "NO SD CARD" (error message)

If that doesn’t help, use the e-mail address within that link to contact Support.

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@MusicAnyone If it’s just for a few seconds, that’s normal. If it lasts much longer than that, or is disruptive to your playing, let us know.

Thanks for the post.

The firmware did update (I was following the post you linked). :slightly_smiling_face:

It was just for a few seconds, so if that is normal, I am good with that. Thanks!