Is there a good software for beat tagging?

I’m new to beat tagging and I wanna ask if is there a good software that I can use?

What do you mean by tagging? Do you want to add some meta information to your beats?

Yes, I wanna put a tag on my beats… I mean like a brand that no one can steal it. A friend of mine recommended a site He said it’s a good one and it’s free.

That site is about voice tagging of audio (beat or any audio) files.
AFAIK, on this forum, the word “beat” mean midi drum files or songs to be used in BB.
Maybe there’s a misunderstanding to make clear… :slight_smile:

It is a totally valid idea to protect your beats.

Good news for you are that BeatBuddy exported songs (SNG files) already offer that protection.

You make your beats via the MID files. MIDI is a common and very convenient format. However, if you share your MIDI files, anyone can steal them in the sense of modifying them and then pretend the result beats are his own.

If you share your SNG files, noone can steal them in this same sense. They can either use your beats as they are, or not use it. It is currently impossible to retrieve MIDI files from SNG ones. So if you don’t share your MID source files, noone can get them!

Thanks guys! I know this is an old thread and I wasn’t able to check this. If I won’t tag my beats, is there any possibilities that I’ll be able to secure my songs?

I suggest not sharing your songs or using anyone else’s - this is a sharing community!