Is there a starting tutorial How to make a song for the beatbuddy

The drum and bass drumkit

Ok. I assume you mean the Singular kit. That was made for files that are constructed somewhat differently. Let me give you a link for a different kit.

Download this and try the 62-91 kit. You import the drumset into BB Manager using File>Import>Drumset. Then, scroll down to the bottom of your drumsets list and find the name, and click the box in front of the kit’s name. That makes the kit active.

I can hear the bass sound when ik make a midi bass in E0 pitch. With the 62-91 kit
The E3 pitch I don’t get a sound with the 2 kits.
I will play around with this result.

another question, suppose I want a drum kit with guitar sound.
I know that I have to make wave files. I can make a wave file for example, for a quarter note of each guitar note on the guitar neck, but the beatbuddy can,t handle that (file size), what is a guideline in this?

Thanks for the help so far, I really appreciate that.

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The entire size of the kit is limited to 100mb. I have made a couple kits kit have bass, guitar and drums. I’ll send you links.

In Sonar, what is the lowest note that your midi entry screen shows? In Logic, midi 0 = C - 2, that is, C negative 2. That’s why I prefer the midi numbers. They are more universal. E3 Is midi 64 for me.

If you take a look at those, and the mapping, you’ll get an idea of how to build a guitar kit.

The lowest not is C0 and the highest G10.
I can save my files as MIDI format 0 (that’s the one I have used), MIDI format 1, RIFF MIDI format 0 and RIFF MIDI format 1. I have no idea what the difference is.

Thanks! I’ll thake a look at it!

Since you can’t make a midi format 0 track, (which could actually cause some other problems, but I thought it was an easy solution), do this. After you transpose the bass track, select then entire bass track, and paste it into the drum track. This is how I do it in Logic. Then, just export the drum track only as a midi file. MIDI format 1 will work fine for this, since there should then only be notes on 1 track, the drum track, which is normally assigned to midi channel 10.

Since your lowest note is C0 and your highest note is C10, you would need to add 2, to the positions I gave you in the earlier messages. That means for a 0-31 kit, your bass notes all need to be in the range from C0 through G2. For a 62-91 kit, the bass notes need to be placed between D5 and G7.

Thanks, I will try that out in the weekend.

Great. Let me know how you do.

One more question, since I have a range from C0 to C10 in my midi file.
Where is my loose low E string as a note (E4)?
If I have my guitar wave files loaded into the drum kit, how can I make my midi file use them?
I have now adapted the Brit 60s Tele & Sax kit with my guitar sound (starts at 60) but I also see sets where the guitar sound starts at 100.

see my reply at the end of this post:

You need to look at the mapping of the drum kit. There should be an explanation with the kit. On some kits, the low E string will be at 64. On others it is at 100. It just depends how I built the kit.


Hi Phil,
The answer for me was realizing that I have to download the matching User Drum Kit. That being said, I am asking for your NP Standard Pro BASS. I tried unsuccessfully to message you, so contacting you using Reply. I can send you a screenshot showing my purchase of 2021 Premium Collection. Very much appreciated!

Read this: Standard pro bass and Vintage Ludwig bass

How can I adjust the volume of the midi?
I now hear the guitar but not the bass. In the Beatbuddy software I already have the volume of the guitar waves in the drum kit at -40dB and the bass at 0 dB, but it seems that this doesn’t make a difference

There are two settings that impact volume. The midi velocity is the easier one to adjust. I try to use velocity settings in my songs in the 60 to 80 range, as this then leaves me room to make finer adjustments.

The second setting is the volume of each individual note in the Drumset. I try to find a level that works and apply it to each bass note. Then, when satisfied, you have to remember to Save the Drumset to keep those settings.

Finally, if none of that works, you would need to make quieter samples. I have found that to avoid issue of digital clipping I need to normalize bass samples at about 55%, and normalize samples for keyboards at about 50%. Drums are more responsive to velocity adjustments. Therefore drum samples can be normalized at 70-80% without causing clipping.

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Thanks, ok option 3 I’ll have to try.