Issue with overwriting deleted track


  1. Recording a 1 bar rhythm on track 1
  2. Making a mistake while recording a 16 bar chorus on track 2
  3. Deleting track 2 an trying to overwrite …

I must wait another 16 bars until Aeros is ready for recording again. Same in 2x2 and 6x6

Mute/Unmute: Immediate
Stop/Part Change: End of Loop

The latter seems to cause this. Again a setting limitation!?
How can I change this in Quantize = Off mode?

Hi, do you have Sync Start on in your settings? In the case that you do, it must always start at the beginning of the longest track in the song part, that is where the sync start point is.

If you don’t have Sync start on, this may be something that we are going to fix with the upcoming Undone Logic release. We know that there are several issues with undone tracks and the logic that they have when rerecording, this is something that we are aware of and are hoping to fix in the next 1 to 2 releases after we release lock tracks officially.

Please let me know if I missed anything, or if you have any questions about the settings.

If you can, please let me know the song setting Siri using that will be very helpful to understand the specific issue you’re having and make sure that it is tracked if it is not already in our development timeline. Thank you!

Hi Brennan, thanks for your feedback.

You are right, Sync is set to “Start & Length”. Fully agree with the AEROS sync behavior as long as a track is ACTIVE and PLAYING. That’s why I’ve chosen this value.
But why wait for overwriting a DELETED track. Missing the logic here. I would like to make corrections immediately. And setting to “Length” would change the behavior of active tracks also.

Since flubbing a loop and fixing it is a pretty common issue for most Aeros users, there are likely several changes that could help the Aeros work better when this happens.

Not saying what specifically should be done here, just that it’s an area worth looking at. Perhaps there’s a set of immediate commands that override the sync settings temporarily (via footswitch or midi). Maybe something else as well.

I spend a good amount of my time waiting to fix my flubs on the Aeros. Would be great to make that easier and take less time.

you could just delete all with one click and start again

That’s works with the first track/part. What about after that?

Look mate I don’t have the problem here I’m not trying to do 16 bar phrases over a one bar percussion or chord progression for me the undo and redo of the tracks is awesome apparently you can even cAncel parts amazing it sounds to be like a hypothetical and I prefer to focus on actual problems

Glad it’s not a problem for you. Not trying to take away from what’s there today. Trying to make this the best looper ever…

The challenge of loopers is that everyone has a different approach. What is useful for some is irrelevant for others. What is obvious to some is hard to understand for others.

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The simplest reason is that you can’t record something that you didn’t play yet or that you already played. If sync start is on, and you start a new recording after the sync start point of that song part, the Aeros can’t fill the part that you already played but didn’t record, it must wait until the start points is at the beginning again. If you want the Aeros to immediately start recording you would need to be set to sync length only.

That being said, I’m sure that there are some issues there right now, as that is something we are going to be looking at next. Undone logic is still not perfect, so stay tuned on this but it’s coming very soon.

This is only if you start the recording after the loop forgiveness zone (300ms after start point), this could also cause some bugs still. It’s the corner cases we need to look at.

One cool thing that we’ve recently added is the ability to undo a track while recording it and making that a much faster process.

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