Issues dittox4 and beatbuddy and switch pedal

good morning,
I point out a problem that seems serious to me with the beatbuddy with Dittox4 and ask if there is a solution:

after the beatbuddy outro the dittox4 loop is also stopped, this doesn’t seem normal to me

Today I also bought the switch pedal and with the right switch, to mute the drums, also mute the dittox4 loop

I ask for explanations on this and if there are solutions

Thanks to those who wanted to help me

Hey there,

This is because you have the BeatBuddy set to send a MIDI Stop message once the outro is finished. You can change this setting in Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Stop and set it to be disabled.

Does this solve your issue? Let me know!

thank you very much for your help! it works

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Great! Happy to help :slight_smile: